2019 PRISM, Linton & Kay Fine Art (WA) EX, Le Pave d’Orsay, Paris (FR)

2018 EX, Le Pave d’Orsay, Paris (FR)

2017 CONTRA, Linton & Kay Fine Art (WA)

2016 PIGMENTS AND PATHOGENS, Linton & Kay Fine Art (WA)

2015 POET BLOOD/ARTIST SWEAT, Linton & Kay Contemporary (WA)

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2011 Sexy Blobs, Linton & Kay Contemporary (WA)

2010 New work Stella Downer Fine Art (NSW)

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2006 Sex Cells, Gallery East (WA)

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2019 Sculpture by the Sea Cottesloe (WA)

2018 Sensual Nature, Fremantle Arts Centre (WA), ATTRA Light Festival, Claremont (WA)

2017 SixZeroFiveOne, Studio 281 (WA)

2016 Flow Central Tafe (WA)

2015 CROSSGRAIN Linton and Kay (WA), Guildford Grammar Exhibition (WA), COUNTERFORCE Linton and Kay (WA)

2014 BETA BLOCKER, John Curtin Gallery, Cossack Art Prize: invited artist (WA), SEDIMENTATION, Linton and Kay (WA) Victoria Park Art Award (WA)

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2011 BigDiverse, Cultural Centre, Kalamunda (WA) Unnatural Phenomena, John Curtin Gallery (WA)

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2006 Melbourne Art Fair (VIC) Miniatures, Gallery East (WA)

2005 Sexy Fungus, Stella Downer Fine Art (NSW)

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2002 64 Degrees, Edith Cowan University (WA)

2000 Conception, West Australian Museum (WA)


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