Miik Green is a visual artist and researcher living and working in Perth. He is an associate editor for two international art journals, published author and the current chair of Artsource. As a recipient of an Australian Postgraduate Award Scholarship, Green was recently awarded a doctorate in arts practice through Curtin University of Technology.

Green draws his inspiration from the microscopic aspects of nature, and is currently involved in cross-disciplinary artistic collaborations that integrate the fields of science, mathematics and physics. He is interested in equilibrium, opposing force and material resistance in arts practice.

His works are held in collections such as Artbank (VIC, NSW and WA), Macquarie University, Edith Cowan University, BHP Billiton, Royal Perth Hospital, The Horn Collection, Crown Casino, and in private collections interstate and overseas. Green is represented by Linton & Kay Contemporary in WA.


2015 PhD, Curtin University (Doctor of Philosophy, Art). Associate editor of The International Journal of New Media, Technology, and the Arts. Associate editor of The International Journal of Social, Political and Community Agendas in the Arts. Artsource board member (chair)

2014 Curtin University, PhD Candidate. CIT (WA) sessional staff, visual art

2011 Curtin University, Bachelor of Arts (Hons, 1st Class)

2002 Edith Cowan University, Bachelor of Visual Arts, Painting

2000 WA School of Art and Design, Advanced Diploma of Industrial Design

1978 Born Perth, Western Australia



2015 POET BLOOD/ARTIST SWEAT, Linton & Kay Contemporary (WA)

2014 LIMBO, Flinders Lane Gallery (VIC)

2013 SPILLOVER, Linton & Kay Contemporary (WA), New work, Stella Downer Fine Art (NSW)

2011 Sexy Blobs, Linton & Kay Contemporary (WA)

2010 New work Stella Downer Fine Art (NSW)

2008 New work, Stella Downer Fine Art (NSW), Happy Mistakes, Gallery East, (WA)

2006 Sex Cells, Gallery East (WA)

2004 Sensual By Nature, Gallery East (WA), Sensuality and the Sublime, Dianne Tanzer (VIC)



2015 CROSSGRAIN Linton and Kay (WA)

2014 BETA BLOCKER, John Curtin Gallery, Cossack Art Prize: invited artist (WA), SEDIMENTATION, Linton and Kay (WA) Victoria Park Art Award (WA)

2013 Aesthetica Art Prize Exhibition, York (UK), Hazelhurst Award (NSW), St Hilda’s Art Fair (WA), St John of God Hospital Art Prize (WA) Guildford Grammar Exhibition (WA)

2012 Celebrate, Linton & Kay Contemporary (WA) Form, Process, Materiality, Oats Factory (WA)

2011 BigDiverse, Cultural Centre, Kalamunda (WA) Unnatural Phenomena, John Curtin Gallery (WA)
2010 Melbourne Art Fair (VIC) Sculpture Survey 2010, Gomboc Gallery (WA) Sculpture show, Bassendean council (WA) SXS Cottesloe (WA) Sculpture Survey, Painting Show LK Galleries (WA)

2009 Paint, Stella Downer Fine Art (NSW), Sculpture by the Sea, Cottesloe (WA) SXS, Bondi (NSW)

2008 Closet Circus, Bunbury Regional Gallery (WA) New Works, Melbourne Art Fair (VIC), YAWA Awards (WA), Artitude 2008 (WA)

2007 Great Little Christmas Show, Gallery East (WA), Pulse 2, Hellfire Gallery Esperance (WA)
2006 Melbourne Art Fair (VIC) Miniatures, Gallery East (WA)
2005 Sexy Fungus, Stella Downer Fine Art (NSW)

2003 Finely Grated, The Church Gallery (WA), New Works New Faces, Perth Galleries (WA)

2002 64 Degrees, Edith Cowan University (WA)

2000 Conception, West Australian Museum (WA)


Artbank (VIC, NSW and WA), City of Joondalup, Macquarie University, Edith Cowan University, Royal Perth Hospital, BHP Billiton, Galerie Dusseldorf, Turner Galleries, The Horn Collection, Crown Casino, Private collections interstate and overseas



2015 iPREP Award (Edit Cowan University) Touring Exhibition for BETA BLOCKER (Art On The Move)

2014 Artflight for Limbo solo show (VIC)

2013 Greg Combie: Humanities Research Award, Curtin University, Aesthetica Art Prize, shortlist

2012 APA Scholarship recipient (WA), Shortlist – New sculptural works, Claremont (WA)
2011 Shortlist – New sculptures, City of Stirling (WA) Public Commission – BHP Billiton Building (WA) Grant – John Curtin Gallery with Chris Malajczuk ‘Unnatural Phenomena’ Public commission

2010 Public Commission – Coolbinia Primary School (WA) Artflight for NSW solo show (WA) Art Commission (shortlist), Churchlands Senior High School (WA)

2009 Sculpture by the Sea Scholarship Prize

2008 Artflight (WA), YAWA award (WA)

2005 Untitled sculptures for Arccon Architects (WA), Artflight (WA)



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Green, Miik and Chad Peacock. 2014: shifting states: mikros kosmos, video projection 6:04 mins.

Green, Miik with Lucinda Coleman, Johannes Luebbers, Katie Chown and Charity Ng, 2014: Untitled7 (performance). For InConversation, Spectrum gallery, Edith Cowan University, 9th October 2014.

 Green, Miik and Brad Ladyman. 2013: Untitled 312 (sculptural installation) rolled and brushed aluminium tubing, 4 x 5 x 15m. Completed February 2013, Esperance Residential College, Esperance, WA.

 Green, Miik and Brad Ladyman. 2012. BHP Orange213 (three-ton suspended sculpture) rolled aluminium tubing, auto paint, 10 x 9 x 8m. Installed March 2012, BHP Billiton foyer, 125 St Georges Tce, Perth, WA.                 



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