Rome conference: Arts in Society – Sapienza University


I’ll be presenting the paper Syzygy, Arts Practice and Interdisciplinarity (available through soon) at Sapienza between June 25th and 27th in a themed session.

symbioticA talk – Miik Green/Chris Malajczuk Friday 14th March

Please join us at Symbiotica at the University of Western Australia

suspense and suspensions: materials and dialogic tension
Artist Miik Green and nanotechnologist Chris Malajczuk collaborate on art projects. Although from diverse backgrounds, they converge to explore ideas about about resistance, transformation and limbo. They will present select works from 2011 – 2014, discussing life and its conservation, revealing the unseeable and approaching materials as scientist and artist. Their current series of Premographs (Latin for pressure/picture) looks at materials under tension, where cells, arteries and dendritic forms seem to emerge under stress. Green draws links here to arts practice – between resistance and revelation – where Malajczuk sees these as an invitation for instability. 

Miik Green is a multidisciplinary visual artist living in Perth, Western Australia. Green draws his inspiration from the microscopic aspects of nature, and is currently involved in cross-disciplinary artistic collaborations that integrate the fields of science, mathematics, chemistry and physics. The strength of his practice lies in his ability to translate microforms such as fungi, coral, seed pods, diatoms, blood cells and radiolarian, into paintings and sculptural pieces, while preserving the integrity of the original form.

Green is a PhD candidate at Curtin University and recipient of an Australian Postgraduate Award and Curtin Research Scholarship. He is represented throughout Australia by Flinders Lane Gallery (Melbourne) and Linton & Kay Contemporary (Perth). Green has completed a Bachelor of Arts (Hons, 1st Class) through Curtin University, a Bachelor of Visual Arts, Painting at Edith Cowan University in Western Australia and an Advanced Diploma of Industrial Design through the WA School of Art and Design.

Chris Malajczuk is a PhD candidate within the Biomolecular Modelling Group (BMMG) based at Curtin University, where he previously attained his bachelor’s degree in Nanotechnology (First Class Honours). Malajczuk’s research explores atomic-scale biophysical mechanisms specifically involved in solvent cryoprotection and more recently protein transport within the central nervous system. He was an invited guest at the 2013 CECAM conference ‘Coupling between protein, water and lipid dynamics in complex biological systems’ hosted by the Swiss Institute of Technology in Switzerland, and was an Australian representative at the inaugural International Summer School for Young Scientists at Tomsk State University (TSU) in Russia in 2011. He is a current recipient of the Australian Postgraduate Award and Curtin Research Scholarship. 


Image: ©Miik Green/Chris Malajczuk Premograph 1 (detail) mixed media, glass 25 x 76mm 2014

Date: 14 March 2014
Time: 3:00pm
Location: SymbioticA
Speakers: Miik Greek and Chris Malajczuk


Cultural Studies Symposium 2013: Interrogating Practice

The conference opened on the 3rd December at Swinburne University. I presented a paper titled ‘Syzygy: Arts Practice and Interdisciplinarity’ that explores a resistive dynamic in arts practice.

session time: 12:00pm – 1:30pm


AAANZ Conference: Interdiscipline 7th – 9th December

Conference ran Sat 7th – 9th December at the VCA in Melbourne. I presented a paper entitled ‘Uncommon Frontiers: Resistance and Equilibrium in Arts Practice’ 

session time: 11:30am – 12:00pm Victorian College of the Arts: Room 113, Building 862


New work – process video

This was filmed in the studio by Chad Peacock

Screen Shot 2013-08-12 at 8.27.02 AM

Presented a paper in Budapest entitled ‘Chaos, Order and Arts Practice’. To download the paper click here: miik green at

Parliament-at-dusk-Icy-Danube-River-Budapest-Hungary copy

The conference ran from 22 – 24th July 2013 at Eotvos Lorand University.


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