Studio night is held every sixth Thursday, from 9pm+ at 64 Crawford Rd Maylands (rear). Guest speakers are invited to speak on a subject of their choice – please feel free to bring friends (BYO drinks please).

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Louise Morrison & Andrew Varano – WEDNESDAY May 2nd


Image:  ‘In Memorium’, found object and found text, Louise Morrison, 2011.

Louise Morrison transforms found objects and materials to reflect her personal responses to stories or sites. As well as discussing some of her works, Louise presented the single object that caused great befuddlement regarding aesthetics – the primary source of text in her work – plus expanding upon a recent realisation that ‘you can’t make someone else’s work’.


Image: Three Tables; i. Original Sin, ii. A life that we could live, iii. World Music, Mixed media. Andrew Varano, 2011

Andrew Varano spoke about his studio practice leading up to the solo exhibition, ‘World Music,’ at the Fremantle Arts Centre (July 2012).


Leigh Robb & Lance Ward – April 5th

Leigh Robb discussed the development of a pair of exhibitions taking place – Octopus 12 at Gertrude Contemporary in July-August, and its re-enactment and adaptation for PICA in November-December. Building on her long running interests in strategies of doubling in artistic and curatorial practice, Leigh shared her working notes on the artists in the show and the related curatorial research for this in-process project.


Lance will be talking on his latest solo show at the John Curtin Gallery.

In modern-day society, our lives tend to revolve around interactions with the digital; we often overlook the objects within our everyday that make modern existence possible (such as the plumbing in a building). These objects show ingenuity – a triumph of humankind over nature that allows us to have more freedom. Ward discussed how he uses photography to create images that frame overlooked objects (and their surroundings), in the world around us.


Claire Squared (Claire Canham/Claire Bushby) & Alex Spremberg – March 8th

PREVIOUSLY:  Claire Canham + Claire Bushby along with Alex Spremberg spoke on March 8th 2012, details below.

Image: ‘Zoe Barry, Australia to Heiti M Miller, Australia, August 2011. (Chain 2)’
Claire Bushby and Claire Canham are known collectively as Claire².
Claire² discussed their collaborative projects Paper Chain and the SMS/Text project. Both projects experiment with crossing concepts of modern communication and networked media, with the tangible, physical processes of the handmade – images at

‘Thrills Spills Skulls’ mixed media, 96 x 96cm, 2011

Alex Spremberg spoke on work from his latest solo exhibition from 2011, ‘Wrong Angles’ at PICA.


Thanks to Geoffrey Drake-Brockman and Richie Kuhaupt, we had a 3D lasercube installation inside the studio for the end of year break-up – thanks also to Paul Lindsay who played.

Previous Talks – Trevor Richards and Berenice Rarig, Nov 24th

Studio night is held monthly (Thursday 9pm+) at 64 Crawford Rd Maylands (rear) Guest speakers are invited to speak on a subject of their choice – please feel free to bring friends. BYO drinks
Trevor Richards (click images below to view respective sites) ‘Paris/Venice: Highlights and Insights’
Gallery Install, Paris 2011.
Trevor discussed his solo show in Paris (installed in June 2011). Trevor later travelled to the Venice Biennale and talked about the ideas behind the show and highlights of other exhibitions in Paris and Venice.
Berenice Rarig
Whispered Prayers, 2001, folded coffee filters. By Berenice Rarig.
Berenice spoke about her artistic development and her redemptive vision for contemporary conceptual art. ‘A redemptive art practice must surely begin with establishing the need for redemption. It must point a finger at secret shelters and rattle the doorposts of straw salvations. It is not a practice of patching, propping or bandaging’ Rarig, 2006

Previously … 27th October

Oct 27th – Rick Vermey + Dr Kirsten Hudson 


 Images: Rick Vermey, Selected Projects

Same difference

Rick Vermey is an artist who uses a diverse range of traditional and digital media tools, in a wide-ranging visual art practice, incorporating print, photography, painting, sculpture and public artworks. Rick’s approach to creativity is to make ideas central to the art-making process. He allows a concept to direct an artwork and shape its final material and form. 

In recent years, his field of endeavour has been commissioned, site-specific artworks for public spaces. Commissioned artworks typically respond to a given brief. Often their location also pre-determines a particular “public”.

Rick illustrated aspects of continuity linking “behind the scenes” visual research from his various projects, to reveal the “artist’s hand”, engaged in his recent, outwardly dissimilar, public artworks.

TASTE MY SORROW – an elegy of loss and insatiable desire.

Engaging with the trauma paradigm of our post-1945 age, I rub against Jill Bennett’s proposition that we need to find a philosophically informed way of engaging politically with traumatic feeling. Convinced that we need to do more than simply recognise the affective force of the visual aesthetic encounter, I propose a phenomenologically fleshy, fully sensory, personally invested empathic imagination that stimulates all the senses, not just vision. Critically resisting impoverished economies of care surrounding bodies in/of trauma, this talk experimentally speculates on how practice-led-research that reconnects materiality to the discursive and sight to the rest of the senses may offer a means to activate a new empathic contingency for “being with” and caring for “Other” bodies in/of trauma. Kirsten Hudson, 2011



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