Studio night is held every sixth Thursday, from 9pm+ at 64 Crawford Rd Maylands (rear). Guest speakers are invited to speak on a subject of their choice – please feel free to bring friends (BYO drinks please).

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October 18th – Merrick Belyea and Paul Wakelam

Image: Merrick Belyea ‘Blue 120’ mixed media on board, 120 x 120cm 2012

Merrick spoke on  the evolution of a new body of work including the corollary short-cuts and dead ends. This new body of work includes experiments in painting, drawing and film.

Image: ‘2.36am full moon shadow detail Lost House’ 2011.  © Paul Wakelam

People, Practice & The Incidental

Paul spoke about the diversity and perversity of his multifarious practise, A Workshop.

Sept 20th: Paul Caporn and Mark Stewart

Paul Caporn spoke about the development of his practice over the past 20 years and how this has led to his current exhibition at Turner Galleries “Paul Caporn Works.” His work is often negotiated through an uncanny sensibility, where familiar domestic or industrial objects are brought together in a way that feels comfortable but may also be strange, surprising and unfamiliar.

Image: Help is on the Way, 2010 by Kyle Hughes-Odgers. Mural Commission for Murdoch University’s Economics, Commerce & Law Building Courtyard.

Murdoch University Art Curator, Mark Stewart discussed the ongoing development of the Murdoch University Art Collection through a slideshow featuring recent artwork acquisitions and commissions. Mark also explained how the Collection is displayed and interpreted throughout campus and the Collection’s future role within the University’s development of its Eastern precinct.

August 23rd: Megan Green & Shannon Lyons/Dave Attwood

David Attwood and Shannon Lyons: (TED’s Composition) 2012. MDF, pine, digital print, photocopy, tape, and paint.


Dave Attwood and Shannon Lyons discussed their first collaborative project ‘SNO 78: Notices’ exhibited at Sydney Non Objective in February 2012. ‘Notices’ saw Attwood and Lyons unpack and re-interpret the material/formal qualities of the noticeboard, investigating notions of impermanence and transition, concomitant to the noticeboards’ function.


Perth-based blogger Megan Green spoke on the role of defamiliarisation and the carnivalesque in observational humour writing.

July 26th: Ahmad Abas and Nic Compton


Image: Aboriginal Interpretive Centre, Champion Lakes (WA) Shane Pickett/Gresley Abas

As well as being a graduate of Architecture, Ahmad has worked in the field of ‘public art’ since 1994. From self-funded temporary installations through organisations like Artrage, through to a series of collaborative commissions with Brian McKay – most notably the Impossible Triangle in 1999. More recently: collaborative projects have usually involved Ahmad and his practice, Gresley Abas Architects, working closely with artists to develop genuinely integrated artworks within their own projects. This has allowed genuine collaborative working relationships that have resulted in integrated outcomes, blurring the separation between art & architecture.


Image: ‘Cyclone over Roebourne’ carved timber 2009.

Nic Compton spoke on his career so far as sculptor/wood carver, and his numerous private commissions and public artworks. Nic also expanded on his plans for an ‘uncertain future’.

June 28th: Paul Moncrieff and Richie Kuhaupt

Paul Moncrieff’s recent work focuses on non figurative formal issues. ‘T A N G E N T’, his 2010 exhibition and his latest exhibition ‘Paul Moncrieff recent works 2011 – 2012’ at Gallery East were discussed . The show was comprised of new articulated wall and floor pieces. His choice of industrial materials, use of assemblage, colour selection, shape and proportion are evident in these works. Moncrieff’s talk discussed the relationship of his work to NY minimalism, architecture, and the aesthetic of formalism.

Image included- Straight up (photo opportunity),2007. Digital image by Richie Kuhaupt.

Artist and gallery manager – It is what it is.

Richie has been involved with art at the local and international level for over 20 years, both as an artist and as a gallery manager and employee. He discussed in general terms, the ideas and observations which have informed his art practice. He also touched on general topics that are perpetually in discussion, such as artists relationship to public understanding of contemporary art, art in public spaces and gallery practice.

Previous: Kyle Hughes Odgers & Clare McFarlane

Image: (detail) “This wall talks” 2012, Lock Lane, Northbridge

Kyle Hughes-Odgers work focuses on his interest in folklore, narrative, repetitive visual sequences and urban decay. He spoke about his studio and street work, focusing on some of his most recent projects.


Image:Lilt of the Firetail (detail), acrylic and silkscreen on canvas, 70 x 100 cm, 2012

Clare spoke on her practice – For over a decade now her work has been inspired by patterns and their use as metaphors for a romanticised past, as well as referencing the histories of scientific inquiry through the inclusion of detailed Australian flora and fauna.  Most of her paintings have been created in painstaking detail, every feather, petal and butterfly wing captured in an extraordinary likeness. However, McFarlane’s work over the past three years reflects some of the changes in her life and has been influenced by the use of spray paint and stenciling – her work has become looser, betraying a freer approach to painting.


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