Studio night is held every sixth Thursday, from 9pm+ at 64 Crawford Rd Maylands (rear). Guest speakers are invited to speak on a subject of their choice – please feel free to bring friends (BYO drinks please).

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July 4th: Amber Harries and Renae Coles

Paper Mountain

Renae Coles and Amber Harries presented a discussion surrounding the two-fold role of Artist/ARI Director with reference to Paper Mountain, the Artist Run Initiative they co-direct, and their own practices. Paper Mountain is an 18 month old ARI located in Northbridge with a gallery/project space and 25 artist studios.

Stuart Green and Rachel Coad June 6th

Canberra Droplet fabrication

Image: Droplet, (fabrication stage, completed 2012), Laser cut stainless steel, LED lighting, 580 x 312 x 312cm

Stuart spoke on the resilience of recurring ideas and motifs that have appeared in his practice; from early studio work to large-scale public works. He also gave an insight into the practicalities of imagining, developing and delivering artworks for the public realm.

Frontier II

Image: Frontier II oil on linen, 101cm x 184cm, 2012
Rachel reflected on the last 10 years of her practice, and the transitions that have taken place within that period. She then discussed new works, sculptural projects, artistic process and the ongoing discussion or search, as an artist, for work that is a true unique expression or style. Rachel is interested in engaging fellow artists for their thoughts and experience regarding this investigation.

Angela McHarrie & Bevan Honey


Dimensions Variable #4  low res


Image: ©Angela McHarrie ‘Dimensions Variable #4’  (detail)  67 x 28 x 5cm  wood, paint, lead weight, 2011.

Angela McHarrie’s art practice aligns with her academic  history, and she is currently a visual arts lecturer at CIT, Perth. Her work encompasses painting, drawing, installation and large-scale public art commissions. She discussed her practice in and engagement with a number of ideas related to uncertainty, such as ambiguity, inconclusiveness, perplexity and unpredictability:

‘If absolute certainty is extremely elusive, the same cannot be said for its opposite.  Uncertainty manifests itself in many forms and motivates us to examine what we see, hear and read against our experience of the world.  It also opens up an array of creative possibilities in the form of works that rely for meaning on preconceived ideas about the way things should be and raise questions about our reliance on rules, categorisation, measurement and systems’.


Image: Bevan Honey Apparition latex and photo-luminescent pigment on brick southern abutment, Stirling Highway bridge, East Fremantle 2008.

Bevan Honey utilises the language of drawing at the core of his practice – one that spans two decades. Honey has been making work about residential and suburban occupation, often manifest from the materials and language of those places.  Honey has held 13 solo exhibitions throughout Australia, been involved in numerous group shows and ephemeral public art projects. His works are in many public and private collections.

2013 Calendar…

March 14th –  Christophe Canato + CODA-Studio
May 9th – Angela McHarrie + Bevan Honey
June 6th – Stuart Green + Rachael Coad
July 4th – David Bromfield + Martin Heine
August 1st – Cat Hope + Ioannis Michaloudis
August 29th – Andrew Thornton Hick + Bruce Slatter
September 26th – Andrew Purvis + Darren Jorgensen
October 24th – Jurek Wybraniec + Oliver Lindsell
November 21st – finale: Andrew Hayim + Gemma Weston

Studio night is held monthly (Thursday 9pm+) at 64 Crawford Rd Maylands (rear). Guest speakers are invited to speak on a subject of their choice – please feel free to bring friends. BYO drinks please

Andrew Nicholls + Jochen Kitzbihler April 11th


Image: Andrew Nicholls Bitter Heritage (for Randolph Stow), decal print on recycled Wembley Ware dinnerware, approximately 2 x 1.5 mtr, 2012

Andrew Nicholls is an artist, writer and curator whose practice engages with the Sentimental, camp and other historically-marginalised aesthetics. Primarily drawing-based, Nicholls’ work also extends into installation, ceramics and filmmaking. He has exhibited across Australia, Southeast Asia, Italy and the UK, including solo exhibitions in Perth, Sydney and Canberra in Australia, and Plymouth, England. He has undertaken commissions for institutions and organisations including the City of Perth, Brookfield Multiplex and Duke University Press, and has a range of limited-edition products distributed internationally through art homewares company, Third Drawer Down. His work is represented in private and public collections including The Art Gallery of Western Australia and the City of Perth. Nicholls discussed his practice, focusing on the ongoing influence of commercially-manufactured ceramics, ranging from rococo porcelain, to English bone china and Western Australian Wembley Ware.

Image: Jochen Kitzbihler Drops 4.567 Billion Years,  (Ongoing project, commenced 2011) masked structures (Chondrites) cross sections of the Stone-Meteorite “Dhajala”.

Jochen is the current artist-in-residence at the Artsource Fremantle studios through the Basel exchange program. He took the opportunity to demonstrate the crossover elements of his work, specifically the areas of art and research. Jochen is based in Mannheim, and has widely exhibited his works from large-scale public sculptures to intimate gallery installations.




Christophe Canato + CODA Studio March 14th


Christophe Canato: (extract from work in progress) RICOCHET 2013, Image courtesy of the artist.

Canato discussed his practice in response to geographical location: before, during and beyond, Australia. Graduating from the Beaux-Arts in France, his early work explored new conception and interpretations of the photographic medium. Based in Perth since 2005, his photographs challenge traditional approaches to this medium. His latest work articulates perception and interpretation of our social, cultural and material affiliation.

Foundation Housing 231 Newcastle Street Northbridge WA  Architec

CODA + Olga Cironis ‘Apostolos’ (Building for Diversity) 2012

Kieran Wong is a director of CODA, a Fremantle-based studio working across architecture, urban design, interiors and landscape. In their recently completed affordable housing project, Building for Diversity, the work of four artists was incorporated into the building’s fabric and positioned so that both residents and the broader community could enjoy it. Kieran referred to this project and others to discuss the role of public art in the development of our built environments.

Nov 15th: 2012 Finale: Eva Fernandez/Tom Mùller

November 2012…

Eva Fernandez : Cheek retractor, 2012, Archival inkjet print, 70 x 165cm

Eva’s art practice seeks to contextualise her existence in the space she inhabits, including exploration of her physical environment, as well as cultural and gender identity. In her recent series ‘terra’ australis incognita she examines the deconstruction and reconstruction of symbolically laden objects to subtly critique the time in which they were created. She is currently developing a body of works, by invitation from Heathcote museum and gallery, responding to the Heathcote site with its multi-layered history as a mental health facility.

Tom Mùller: SHIFTING KINGDOMS (2012) copper, timber, enamel. 220 x 220 x 70 cm

An astute observer, subtle activist and deeply humane artist, Mùller posits far-reaching analytical links and associations between the seemingly distinct but invariably interconnected elements that together comprise the architecture of our world. His work is rich in ironic and sometimes humorous insights into how we grasp and assimilate knowledge and about the dazzlingly complex systems we inhabit. Even as we calculate the chances of eventual worldwide calamity, Mùller’s thought-provoking practice offers vantage points from which to imagine optimistically better futures. His diagrams and graphs create rhythms in the chaos and suggest the emergence of other worlds and alternate horizons.

Thanks to those who spoke in 2012:

April 5th – Lance Ward + Leigh Robb (PICA)
June 28th – Richie Kuhaupt + Paul Moncrieff
July 26th – Ahmad Abas + Nic Compton
September 20th – Mark Stewart + Paul Caporn
October 18th – tba – Merrick Belyea + Paul Wakelam
November 15th – finale: Eva Fernandez + Tom Mùller


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