Studio night is held every sixth Thursday, from 9pm+ at 64 Crawford Rd Maylands (rear). Guest speakers are invited to speak on a subject of their choice – please feel free to bring friends (BYO drinks please).

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April 17th: Johannes Luebbers and Sam Fox/Kynan Tan

On the 17th of April we heard from Johannes, Sam and Kynan as they spoke on current projects, research and collaborations.

Johannes photo

Image: Johannes Luebbers

Collaborative CompositionCollaboration exists in many disciplines and, for better or worse, is frequently seen as an important aspect of ‘best practice’. Why then does it seem to happen so infrequently between composers? A key element in many styles of music, it rarely takes place composer to composer in Western art music. West Australian composer Johannes Luebbers stepped out of the composer-centric frame to discuss recent explorations into collaborative composition, the subject of his current PhD project.

Image: Sam Fox in TechnoCulturalBodySuit #3 (SymbioticA’s ‘Semipermeable’ ISEA 2013) photo, Laura Boynes
Kynan Tan and Sam Fox spoke about their collaborative project, ‘Didactic Tools’, which involves the repurposing of teaching aides, and educational structures to probe the problematic area where art meets accumulated knowledge and/or resolution.

March 6th: Dave Attwood/Shannon Lyons + Sonal Kantaria

Please join us for the first of the studio night talks for this year. Dave Attwood and Shannon Lyons will discuss Dirty, their latest exhibition while Sonal Kantaria will talk about her recent project Traces.


 Image: ©Shannon Lyons Hello … I’d like to order some Texan BBQ ribs please … I don’t need to worry about feeding everyone, I just need a mound … Oh, and I need them delivered 2014, outsourced ribs, aluminium tray, IKEA serviettes, Mexican oil cloth, pine, MDF, found bin

The exhibition Dirty for KINGS ARI, Melbourne, identifies a selection of protagonists working within the field of ‘dirty minimalism’ in both Australia and beyond, bringing these convergent practices into conversation.

Participating artists  included; David Attwood (Australia)| Rebecca Baumann (Australia)| Marco Bruzzone (Italy)| Shannon Lyons (Australia)| Thomas Rentmeister (Germany)


 Image: ©Sonal Kantaria  Jessica; born in Africa, brought up in Western Australia 2014

Traces explores a diverse range of individuals of Indian heritage both who have left their respective homelands to settle in Australia and the younger generation who have grown up in the country. The work transcends Western and Eastern states of Australia, presenting a holistic view of the diaspora and covering various waves of migration and settlement from the 1970s.

In doing so the project explores portraiture and the local Australian landscape, bringing together the relationship of person to land and looking at the physical spaces inhabited.  The body of work explores questions of migration, identity and settlement.

Oct 24th: Studio Night Wrap – Jacqueline Ball

This was the final talk for 2013 – Jacqueline spoke on her practice and upcoming projects. Special thanks those who spoke and attended in 2013.


Jacqueline explained her work featured in Primavera at MCA and Bliss at LWAG. This included discussions about the process of mediating objects through photography and other ongoing themes within her practice.

2013 Calendar…

March 14th –  Christophe Canato + CODA-Studio
May 9th – Angela McHarrie + Bevan Honey
June 6th – Stuart Green + Rachel Coad
July 4th – Renae Coles + Amber Harries
August 1st – Cat Hope + Ioannis Michaloudis
September 26th – Andrew Purvis + Darren Jorgensen
October 24th (finale) – Jacqueline Ball + drinks

Studio night is held monthly (Thursday 9pm+) at 64 Crawford Rd Maylands (rear). Guest speakers are invited to speak on a subject of their choice – please feel free to bring friends (BYO drinks please)

26th Sept: Darren Jorgensen & Andrew Purvis

FLIP 780-11

Image: Ben Holland, Ngirntaka Purlkanya acrylic on canvas, 762 x 762cm, 2011 (private collection) Photo ©Edwina Circuitt

Dr Darren Jorgensen is an Associate Professor (School of Architecture, Landscape and Visual Arts) at the University of Western Australia. His interests span Aboriginal art history and art theory, critical theory and Marxism, along with utopia and science fiction, communication and internet studies, Australian cinema and Australian studies and continental philosophy.

Darren spoke on  art from the Wanarn Aged Facility off the Great Central Road in remote Western Australia. These artists are in palliative care, working at the end of their lives. The wobbliness of their lines and blurring of the iconography of Western Desert painting recalls the fragmented cadences of late Beethoven, or the final hallucinations of Turner.

Per (2010)

Image: Per Haugen, Guld Ansigt (detail), digital image, 2010. Photo courtesy of David Collins.

Andrew Purvis is an artist, writer and PhD candidate at the School of Art and Design at Curtin University in Western Australia. His research interests are relational aesthetics, parafiction and conceptual practice.

Purvis discussed his troubled childhood, his stalled career as a novelist and disparate other minor failures. He  also talked about esoteric communications technologies and the hope of contacting the unknown.

29th August: Abdul-Rahman Abdullah and Bruce Slatter

wednesdays child
Image: Wednesday’s Child, Installation, Cockatoo Island, NSW. ©Abdul-Rahman Abdullah & Abdul Abdullah, 2013
Abdul-Rahman discussed ideas of ’Occupy Space – Expanding the object in new surrounds’ and the ways in which he has been dealing with objects within architecture, allowing sculptural works to respond to their surrounds and impose new narratives onto existing structures.
Abdul-Rahman talked about his latest solo at Venn Gallery, Underbelly Arts Festival 2013 as well as ideas for his recent Artsource Emerging Artist grant.
Image: StanceEnamel on acrylic, wood, concrete and brass, 44 x 28 x 14 cm ©Bruce Slatter 2011
Slatter is the head of the Department of Art at Curtin University, and showed works from the last 10+ years. He spoke on the ongoing themes (sport, recreation and the domestic space) evident in his work.
‘Bruce Slatter is a Perth artist who is interested in objects. That phrase, ‘interested in objects’, sounds cagey and indeterminate, even banal. Yet it is a perfectly accurate descriptor and its banality belies a good deal of complexity’
Dr. Robert Cook Associate Curator of Modern and Contemporary Photography and Design, Art Gallery of Western Australia

August 1st: Cat Hope & Ioannis Michaloudis

Cat Hope – Drawing Sound
Cat is a composer, performer and researcher at WAAPA, ECU and the director of Decibel New Music. She discussed her composition practice, and reflecting on the transition from noise artist to composer of graphic scores, and the way in which these works have influenced other areas of her practice.
Fig 1: ‘A Piece of Sky Between Your Fingers’ mixed media, dimensions variable, ©Michalou(di)s 2004.
Dr Ioannis Michaloudis is an artist, academic and researcher based at Curtin University. He spoke on his practice, and introduced a new project, Etherospermia: Sky Seeding. 


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