New work – Miik Green/Brad Ladyman


ARTSOURCE: A singular taste of our artists’ latest public art projects

Miik Green and Brad Ladyman; Untitled, 2012, painted aluminium.

Photo: Julian Masters.

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Miik Green and Brad Ladyman; Untitled, 2012, painted aluminium.

Photo: Julian Masters.

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Miik Green and Brad Ladyman; Untitled, 2012, painted aluminium.

Photo: Julian Masters.

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MIIK GREEN + BRAD LADYMANMiik Green and Brad Ladyman’s recently completed, untitled collaborative sculpture is now hanging in the new City Square Foyer. The newly installed commission for the BHP Billiton building fills over three storeys of space and comprises two kilometres of tubular aluminium, coated in red marine-grade paint. When the building opens in June, the work’s commanding presence will be effective in fulfilling the main impetus of the design, which aims to be a focal point of discussion and exchange of ideas for viewers. The work will strive to have an impact on workers by continuously challenging and motivating them when they head to their offices through the foyer.The self-repeating patterns within the work create a series of lines, which provide a unique experience depending on the viewer’s perspective. The work can be read on a number of levels and is intentionally left open to interpretation – the forms reminiscent of everything from blood vessels to benches in an open-pit mine – but it takes cues from the architecture and function of the building. The ‘organic mathematics’ in the work, visually link the movements of workers through the cityscape to haul packs traversing open-cut mines; both a series of repeating variations on a linear form. Connectivity and the scale of mine-port operations are thus echoed in this impressive installation.Green and Ladyman worked closely together on the project, sharing the responsibilities of the overall vision, development and execution of the project throughout the entire process. They have collaborated on several significant projects in the past and consistently create high quality contributions to public art. Green, as team leader for this project, brings a wealth of artistic knowledge and experience in collaboration, which is complimented by Ladyman’s methodical approach to design and in-depth knowledge of architectural theory and practice.Collaboration can be a valuable and rewarding formula when the skills of talented individuals dovetail to both balance and enhance a working method and artistic production. The result in this case is a work of high aesthetic impact and multi-layered conceptual intricacy, which is sure to have longevity of interest and appeal.Project details

Artist: Miik Green and Brad Ladyman
Client: BHP
Architects: Hassell
Project Location: 125 St. Georges Tce, Perth CBD
Timeframe: 3 Months
Year completed: 2012

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New work completed at the BHP building – 125 St Georges Tce, Perth – alongside Brad Ladyman.


New Work – Esperance Residential College

Miik Green/Brad Ladyman have been commissioned to produce a new work for Esperance Residential College – install 2012.

80’s stoner surf imagery and Chemical brothers were key inspiration for these works, we extracted lines from the landscape, college murals and a soundwave – intending to re-insert them into the landscape in the form of a sculptural work.

Inspiration for the work

2011 – work

NEWS: Feedback Etc

New critical response group (WA)

Feedback Etc is a new platform for Perth artists to receive critical and open feedback about their practices, organised by Benjamin Forster – see  feedbacketc… for more info. I was invited to be part of the experience – Jackson Eaton’s show ‘The Third Wheel’ click on the image below to view Jackson’s site.

Jackson Eaton
The Third Wheel
Facilitated by Kate McMillan
Sat 11 June 2pm.

NEWS: Miik Green/Chris Malajczuk RECEIVE GRANT!

Grant goes towards show at Curtin Gallery late 2011 – new bio-work. Opens Thurs  October 13 – 6pm+ to coincide with the SoDA Postgrad show – Access Gallery.

New collaboration – Chris Malajczuk

New works – new collaboration

Working with Chris Malajczuk – a nanotechnologist at Curtin University to create new bioforms and creatively combine our disciplines, art and science…


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