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Image: Dysfunctional digital print on Hanhemuhle Fine Art paper 29.5 x 42cm 2012
Pablo works predominantly in digital photography, yet his practice includes found objects, collage, sculpture and installation. Pablo will show images from recent solo exhibitions including Escape Artist and Justaposition. With a focus on the simplicity of the commonplace, the discarded and decaying urban environments, he will discus the influences and processes involved in his work. These include exploring new and challenging ways of presenting the images and objects through the use of art installation tools and materials.

Image: (untitled) Italy, 1930s black and white photograph. Unknown photographer

Paola Anselmi is a visual arts writer and curator, currently completing her PhD at the University of Western Australia. Her talk explores photography as a complex galaxy of interconnected movements and relational processes, ideas and philosophies. Paola will also discuss the self in photography, one that assumes a particular narrative angle.

Photography; a heuristic enquiry…of sorts.

One small black and white photograph kept in a little plastic sleeve for over 30 years. Something was different about this photo. Unlike all the others pictures jostling for a space in a cramped tin biscuit box, this one was kept aside, in a draw. I was about 9 and spent hours looking at old photos. There were many from three generations ranging from typically unfaltering family portraits to machinery, rice fields, workers. Almost every image was calculated, seemed reasoned, purposeful, except this one. 

This one was candid, observational, chanced in a single click. This one was honest, this one felt ‘real’. It arrived in a small envelope in the 1930s, without a sender, without a note. 


A collaborative selection of sculptural works on display at Linton & Kay until June 4th 2015, as part of the exhibition POET BLOOD/ARTIST SWEATcrossgrain


This solo show was opened by *Duncan Ord on the 17th May 2015. Works were exhibited from the 6th May, and extended until June 4th. The exhibition showcased new paintings and a new premise for the three-dimensional works, a ‘sculptural exchange’ that saw collaborative sculptural works produced with selected artists (given a solid 30cm cube of laminated aircraft-grade plywood to respond to).

The idea behind the sculptural exchange was to further the premise of a handing-over process, where the artist invites an instability as part of a working methodology. Instead of employing a traditional approach in creating three-dimensional works for the show, a 30cm ply cube was given to 9 artists to respond to; Simon Gilby, Bevan Honey, Angela McHarrie, Anna Louise Richardson, Shannon Lyons, Olga Cironis, Sam Fox, Ben Kovacsy and Tom Freeman. Their response to the block of timber completes the dialogue in this collaborative exchange. 


*Duncan Ord is acting director general of the Department of Arts and Culture in Western Australia.


Slide Night 1

Image: Nick Mahony Greetings from The Getty Centre digital image 2014.
Nick will discuss his Slide Night series and launch a limited edition artist’s photobook of the project.  Slide Night is a series of ‘travel’ photography postcards published daily to social media. The work was produced during a self funded ten month grand tour through the artistic, cultural and natural highlights of New Zealand, North America and Europe in 2014. The talk will also include recent work continuing on from this series. Nick Mahony is a Perth based multidisciplinary artist. Since graduating from Curtin University in 1993 he has been involved with Perth artist run initiatives the Verge and Free Range. His practice has always been eclectic and diverse resulting in outcomes utilising photography, painting, digital media and sculpture. Currently his artworks explore the ideas and materials associated with new technology, social media, climate change, regionalism, cultural tourism, historicism and display systems.
Image: Ben Waters Stimulus Giclee print on recycled cardboard 100 x 85cm 2010. In 2009/2010 the Australian federal government through a stimulus package gave the citizens a AUD $950 ‘handout’ in hope to stimulate the economy. This money was used to fly to the popular holiday destination of Bali and to purchase a new refrigerator. A photograph of Palm trees was taken and printed on the recycled refrigeration box.
Inside Ben Waters multifarious practice he constructs both formal paintings and conceptual works. His painting reference ideas that are integrated into the process of the composition of the work, the surfaces being the result of an ongoing engagement with the process of paint and painting, and therefore resist any notions of the purity of abstraction which suggests a certain denial of narrative. He will discuss his practice as one operating within a duality of narrative and process.
Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 7.53.12 pm
Image: Erin Coates Thigmotaxis, EPS foam, micaceous iron oxide protective coating, ply, pine, HD video, 5.1surround sound component, 7.3 x 4.5 m, video duration: 9 minutes, 2014
Erin talked about recent projects, primarily the Kinesphere show at PICA late last year and her short film project with Anna Nazzari shown in Spaced 2 at the WA Museum this year. Erin works with video, drawing and sculpture, often combining elements together to make immersive or interactive installations. She is interested in built environments and explores these by using ideas relating to body horror and science fiction. Drawing on her background in urban climbing and interest in architecture and film, the artworks she makes playfully question the way we are patterned to read and use the built environment. Her creative process often involves collaborating with specialists from other fields – engineers, musicians, scuba divers, parkour performers. Mexican-wave-e1411179391728
Image: Ben Kovacsy Mexican Wave 2014, timber, 1150 x 750 x 3cm
Kovacsy’s practice reaches many areas of making; from intricately laboured conceptual arrangements to experiments and research in industrial design, his practice has evolved through intense engagement with the material of timber and its related processes.  Kovacsy is continually exploring and challenging the cultural language of this material, through artworks that amalgamate traditional fabrication and contemporary ideas. Although his artwork portrays empathy towards labour and craftsmanship he seeks to add new dimensions to the conversation to criticise historical logic. 
At Studio Night Kovacsy engaged in conversation around his previous projects and new collaborations including his recent series Mashrabiya Lattice, which connects the contemporary symbol of lattice to its historical architectural origins, while revealing new aesthetic possibilities. The work aims to use the relationship between the transparent yet dividing nature of the lattice screen to reveal interesting and unique crossover points within two cultures.

NIGHT cam30 dockers

Image: Pedestrian Bridge (WA) concept render ©Miik Green/Hassell Architects. Working on this project alongside artists Matthew Ngui and Peter Farmer for Hassell and Decmil.




Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 1.08.02 pm

Studio Night concludes for 2014 with Merrick Belyea facilitating a discussion on the future of the brick-and-mortar gallery in Australia. Panellists include Helen Turner (Turner Galleries), Tanya Schultz (Free Range) and Felicity Johnston (The Art Collective).
2014 calendar:
April 17th –  Johannes Luebbers + Sam Fox/Kynan Tan
May 29th –  Claire Bushby + Alex Maciver
July 10th – Lauren McCartney + Moe Beitiks
August 21st – Laura D’Olimpio + Simon Gilby
Sept 25th – Christopher Young + Mark Gerus
November 13th – Felicity JohnsonTanya Shultz + Helen Turner

Studio night is held every sixth Thursday, from 9pm+ at 64 Crawford Rd Maylands (rear). Guest speakers are invited to speak on a subject of their choice – please feel free to bring friends (BYO drinks please)


I’m performing in a collaboration with dancers and musicians – Thurs 9th Oct at Spectrum Gallery ECU Mt Lawley.inConversation e invite final[1]