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Photographing new works in the studio for Pigments and Pathogens, solo show at Linton & Kay Galleries Subiaco.

Photo: Jody D’Arcy


IMG_1943 IMG_1942

I was invited to speak on recent works to Gilbert & Tobin Legal at Linton & Kay Contemporary.

Thanks particularly to partner Mark Gerus for a great introduction.


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The Fremantle Gazette covers the story of the senate estimates hearing in late 2015, and the involvement with Artsource.


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This work is a maquette is a proposal piece for a large-scale sculptural work due for completion in late 2016.



Miik Green/Tom Freeman Hole

angela mcharrie:miik green

Miik Green/Angela McHarrie


Miik Green/Anna Louise Richardson

ben kovacsy:miik green2

Miik Green/Ben Kovacsy Split Cube

bevan honey:miik green

Miik Green/Bevan Honey Buy Me a Pony


In July 2015 three Perth artists, Jon Tarry, Stephanie Reisch & Joshua Cobb-Diamond, exhibited at Gallerysmith Project Space (VIC) in an experimental group show titled CRYPSIS.

Working along themes of codification, camouflage, secret exchanges and the unseen, the physical artworks were brought together and conceptually anchored within the gallery by an invisible sculpture that used augmented reality (AR) technology. Please join us to hear from Josh and Stephanie, who will elaborate on ideas and themes behind CRYPSIS. Josh and Stephanie will also discuss the collaboration with experimental architecture firm, FELIX, and sound artist, Alessio Morglia (ITA) in their attempts to reposition the art object in the realm of the non visual.

This will be the final studio night for 2015: please join us to celebrate the five year milestone! 

Dusk to Dawn, Augmented Reality, Reisch, Tarry, Cobb-Diamond

Dusk to Dawn, Augmented Reality, Reisch, Tarry, Cobb-Diamond

2015 calendar:

April 30th – Erin Coates + Ben Kovacsy

June 11th – Nick Mahony + Ben Waters

July 23rd – Pablo Hughes + Paola Anselmi

Sept 3rd – Natacha Suttor + Stuart Elliot

Oct 21st – Lyle Branson + Isobel Wise

Nov 26th – 2015 wrap – Jon Tarry/Stephanie Reisch/Josh Cobb-Diamond

Studio night is held every sixth Thursday, from 9pm+ at 64 Crawford Rd Maylands (rear). Guest speakers are invited to speak on a subject of their choice – please feel free to bring friends (BYO drinks please)



Juha Tolonen Swan River Coordinates

Image: Juha Tolonen Swan River Coordinates 2013, photograph, 60 x 60 cm each image courtesy of the artist.

Isobel Wise is the visual art curator at the City of Perth. Her talk stems from an interest in how contemporary photographers approach the interpretation of urban environments to demonstrate social paradigms. She will speak about works of art from a range of periods which allow viewers to consider collective and individual identity in reference to place.

The creation of these works become a point of reference for that which is physical, and are often purposely composed to include or exclude elements which signify social, economic or political happenings at a particular moment in time. Wise will reference Tolonen’s work Swan River Coordinates amongst others, to illustrate how we interact with and use the landscape in Perth as well as our impact on it in a physical sense.

Lyle Branson_Asphalt Twig

Image: Lyle Branson Asphalt Twig 2015  Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Paper, 45 x 30cm

Lyle Branson will be discussing his exhibition SURVEYING THROUGH THE LANDSCAPE, showing at Free Range Gallery in October. With photographic series that looks at the Perth urban landscape of the fraying edges that occupy between pathways that we travel and public and non-public areas that at times suggest the failure of the landscape in our urban surroundings. Lyle will also be discussing the dérive process of long walks he takes through the suburbs like Stirling, Coogee and Midland, and the camera as a method of understanding landscape.

Branson studied visual arts at TAFE and Edith Cowan University. He held a solo exhibition at Central Tafe ShowCase Gallery as part FotoFreo 2012, and had group shows at Breadbox, Perth Galleries and Perth Centre for Photography.

2015 calendar:

April 30th –  Erin Coates + Ben Kovacsy

June 11th –  Nick Mahony + Ben Waters

July 23rd –  Pablo Hughes + Paola Anselmi

Sept 3rd – Natacha Suttor + Stuart Elliot

*Oct 21st – Lyle Branson + Isobel Wise  *please note this is a Wednesday night

Nov 26th – 2015 wrap – Jon Tarry/Stephanie Reisch/Josh Cobb Diamond

Studio night is held every sixth Thursday, from 9pm+ at 64 Crawford Rd Maylands (rear). Guest speakers are invited to speak on a subject of their choice – please feel free to bring friends (BYO drinks please)

Image: Cold Truck timber, stain, paint, approx 60 x 45 x 100cm ©Stuart Elliot
Stuart’s talk will range from ideas of indexicality, detritus and residue to industrial scarification:  As a young artist, I was transfixed by the gouges, scrapes and scattered fragments that signified the less than perfect fit of humans and their accessories to the various environments wherein they found themselves.  From this fascination, Fakeology evolved as a way of making sense of the world.   Traditionally, this has manifested in the constructed object/image either as a stand-alone or as part of an integrated installation.  Of late I’ve been drawn more to the documentation of reduction.  This involves the research and application of the processes and consequences of corruption and erosion.  For quite a period of time I was focused on the aesthetic of the relic, that which was left at the experiential tide line.  More recently my interest, both applied and in research, has returned to.

Talk ImageNatacha Suttor – Artists Online: Miik Green as a Case Study. What happens when an Artist/Researcher and Social & Digital Marketing Analyst start talking about artists’ digital & social media presences?

This talk will give an overview of Miik’s online presences, specifically his social media presences and discuss the delineations between them and Miik’s different, yet interlinked, identities as: Artist, Researcher and Other (Husband/Dad/Brother/Friend etc).  This talk will be a little more interactive, as I will be involving our studio night host in some of the discussion. It will explore the rationale for the delineations, the ongoing process of navigating and negotiating them, discussions we’ve had over the past year about content, learnings along the way, and identifying some areas of opportunity for both Miik and other artists.

Natacha is a digital & social marketing specialist, currently working in the WA’s tertiary education sector. She focuses on online, search and social marketing and strategy, especially within the research, creative and tertiary education frameworks, and how this translates between organisational level activities, and across professional, artist, researcher level activities.


Thanks to all of the artists involved, Linton & Kay and staff, and Merrick Belyea for the catalogue essay for CROSSGRAIN.



Artist talk: Miik Green/Simon Gilby at Linton & Kay Contemporary (with collaborative work Heidi’s Head)


Text from June’s collaborative exhibition CROSSGRAIN. Text courtesy Merrick Belyea