Image: Dysfunctional digital print on Hanhemuhle Fine Art paper 29.5 x 42cm 2012
Pablo works predominantly in digital photography, yet his practice includes found objects, collage, sculpture and installation. Pablo will show images from recent solo exhibitions including Escape Artist and Justaposition. With a focus on the simplicity of the commonplace, the discarded and decaying urban environments, he will discus the influences and processes involved in his work. These include exploring new and challenging ways of presenting the images and objects through the use of art installation tools and materials.

Image: (untitled) Italy, 1930s black and white photograph. Unknown photographer

Paola Anselmi is a visual arts writer and curator, currently completing her PhD at the University of Western Australia. Her talk explores photography as a complex galaxy of interconnected movements and relational processes, ideas and philosophies. Paola will also discuss the self in photography, one that assumes a particular narrative angle.

Photography; a heuristic enquiry…of sorts.

One small black and white photograph kept in a little plastic sleeve for over 30 years. Something was different about this photo. Unlike all the others pictures jostling for a space in a cramped tin biscuit box, this one was kept aside, in a draw. I was about 9 and spent hours looking at old photos. There were many from three generations ranging from typically unfaltering family portraits to machinery, rice fields, workers. Almost every image was calculated, seemed reasoned, purposeful, except this one. 

This one was candid, observational, chanced in a single click. This one was honest, this one felt ‘real’. It arrived in a small envelope in the 1930s, without a sender, without a note. 


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