Slide Night 1

Image: Nick Mahony Greetings from The Getty Centre digital image 2014.
Nick will discuss his Slide Night series and launch a limited edition artist’s photobook of the project.  Slide Night is a series of ‘travel’ photography postcards published daily to social media. The work was produced during a self funded ten month grand tour through the artistic, cultural and natural highlights of New Zealand, North America and Europe in 2014. The talk will also include recent work continuing on from this series. Nick Mahony is a Perth based multidisciplinary artist. Since graduating from Curtin University in 1993 he has been involved with Perth artist run initiatives the Verge and Free Range. His practice has always been eclectic and diverse resulting in outcomes utilising photography, painting, digital media and sculpture. Currently his artworks explore the ideas and materials associated with new technology, social media, climate change, regionalism, cultural tourism, historicism and display systems.
Image: Ben Waters Stimulus Giclee print on recycled cardboard 100 x 85cm 2010. In 2009/2010 the Australian federal government through a stimulus package gave the citizens a AUD $950 ‘handout’ in hope to stimulate the economy. This money was used to fly to the popular holiday destination of Bali and to purchase a new refrigerator. A photograph of Palm trees was taken and printed on the recycled refrigeration box.
Inside Ben Waters multifarious practice he constructs both formal paintings and conceptual works. His painting reference ideas that are integrated into the process of the composition of the work, the surfaces being the result of an ongoing engagement with the process of paint and painting, and therefore resist any notions of the purity of abstraction which suggests a certain denial of narrative. He will discuss his practice as one operating within a duality of narrative and process.

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