Paul Moncrieff’s recent work focuses on non figurative formal issues. ‘T A N G E N T’, his 2010 exhibition and his latest exhibition ‘Paul Moncrieff recent works 2011 – 2012’ at Gallery East were discussed . The show was comprised of new articulated wall and floor pieces. His choice of industrial materials, use of assemblage, colour selection, shape and proportion are evident in these works. Moncrieff’s talk discussed the relationship of his work to NY minimalism, architecture, and the aesthetic of formalism.

Image included- Straight up (photo opportunity),2007. Digital image by Richie Kuhaupt.

Artist and gallery manager – It is what it is.

Richie has been involved with art at the local and international level for over 20 years, both as an artist and as a gallery manager and employee. He discussed in general terms, the ideas and observations which have informed his art practice. He also touched on general topics that are perpetually in discussion, such as artists relationship to public understanding of contemporary art, art in public spaces and gallery practice.


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